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Kissmetrics Growth Formula

500 startups dived into the growth lab with Hiten Shah of Kissmetrics to hear some startup basics. Enjoy 🙂




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5 Ways to make your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

> Create a LinkedIn profile, not a Linkedin Novella. Think keywords and SEO.

>  Align your personal brand with who you are and what you showcase.  Think consistency.

> Build bridges between where you started and where you are now. Think storytelling.

> Don’t forget to use a profile picture. Think business portrait (obviously).

> Use your customised url when sending your LinkedIn profile to a recruiter. Think polishing.

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A Cheat Sheet For Pitching Your App To Bloggers

So your mother says you’ve developed the best app of  the Android and the Apple Store combined?

She seriously thinks your idea is the best after the breakout of electricity? Wow, impressive. Hope to meet you at next year’s International Mobile Congress!

Because having ‘just’ a great idea isn’t enough to win it, now is the time to go out there and show the world what your mother praises you for. You got to pitch your app to bloggers, and you got to do it right or else they’ll just move on to the next yada-yada, and so on.

Now here’s a cool cheat-sheet  to pitch it nice and neat that will save you time and that will get you through the door. That is, of course, assuming in the first place that your app really is the best thing on earth after a glass of champagne.

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