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10 Lessons on Leadership

Kissmetrics have compiled 10 quotes on Leadership from some of the very best business men and women. Click on the image to enlarge.
Though they’re all very relevant, if I had to choose one of them, just one, it’d have to be: Inspire others. By inspiring others, you will lead by example and therefore… foster teamwork, encourage growth in others, boost employee self-esteem, take care of people, coordinate, aim for a goal, be willing to be misunderstood, understand reality, give hope, and be a good listener.

10 Lessons on Leadership
Source: 10 Lessons on Leadership

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The Literary JukeBox

Created by Maria Pankova, the lady behind one of my favorite websites, the Literary Jukebox combines two of my passions: reading and music – by offering a daily quote from a book, thematically matched with a song.

Try it: it’s fun, fresh, and pretty addictive.


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