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California for Beginners

I always thought I was born on the wrong continent and I’m a sucker for America, especially for California, particularly for L.A. (I know) (don’t judge).

This chart cracked me up!


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Durex and the Water Balloon

This could have been a clever Durex commercial but it’s in fact a cool personal project by film director Charlotte Rabate

Check it out, it should make you smile and appreciate the quality of the product more 😉

Durex ad long version from Charlotte Rabate on Vimeo.

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Website of the Day: Emergency Compliment :-)

So useless it becomes absolutely necessary.
When everything and everyone fall apart, why not turn to the web and feel like you’re the most amazing person on earth?

Yes. You are.




Ps: and, you can get these posters printed easily straight from the website.

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