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Porn Sex vs. Real Sex

At first look, today might not be the most educational blog post I’ve ever shared but when I come across such a creative video, I don’t even wonder if it’s worth it.

Of course!

It is.

(Don’t) mind the Nutella.

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Splitscreen: a love story

Splitscreen is about a love story with a young lady living in Paris and her love living in New-York, entirely shot on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Created by director JW Griffiths, the splitscreen short movie won the Nokia Shorts 2011 mini-movie contest.

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The Literary JukeBox

Created by Maria Pankova, the lady behind one of my favorite websites, the Literary Jukebox combines two of my passions: reading and music – by offering a daily quote from a book, thematically matched with a song.

Try it: it’s fun, fresh, and pretty addictive.


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Website of the Day: Emergency Compliment :-)

So useless it becomes absolutely necessary.
When everything and everyone fall apart, why not turn to the web and feel like you’re the most amazing person on earth?

Yes. You are.




Ps: and, you can get these posters printed easily straight from the website.

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