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Ahead of the Twitter ($TWTR) IPO

As Twitter prepares to go public  on Nov 15 (source here), take a look at their latest data on finances, users growth, impact on social TV and more.

Ahead of the Twitter IPO an Infographic


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What Can Your Business do in 140 characters?

I recently attended a workshop where we were asked to create a company’s elevator pitch in 140 characters.

Who? How? Purpose? Benefits? Uniqueness?

Storytelling in 140 characters. So powerful.

Twitter just released a beautiful video on what a business can do in 140 characters. For more input and advice, check the the Twitter for Business website full of resources.

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BitCoin Explained

Symbol of a new collaborative mindset, Bitcoin is a currency that only exists online and isn’t controlled by any kind of central authority.

This video will help you understand the promises and risks of Bitcoin:


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The One Social Network That Drives ROI That Nearly All Brands Ignore

“While most brands and businesses spend a fortune on advertising and creative campaigns on social media, there is one huge opportunity staring everybody in the face that is waiting to be exploited” says Niall Harbison of Simply Zesty.

Which one?

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Why You Need a Social Media Resume (and How to Build One)

“Using social media in your job hunt doesn’t just mean having a LinkedIn profile and tweeting industry news anymore. Many employers are looking for candidates with an impressive online presence, also known as a social resume”

 Why You Need a Social Resume (and How to Build One)


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