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The Great Global Food Gap

Families around the world are photographed with weekly food-shopping, from the US to Chad, showing a sharp contrast between the various eating habits and spending around the world.

America: The Revis family from North Carolina spend £220 on the weekly food shop which includes several fast food take-aways
Us family

Ecuador: The Ayme family pictured with a week’s worth of food costing £20 at their home in Tingo

Kuwait: The Al Haggan family from Kuwait City with their £140 weekly shop


Britain: The Bainton family of Cllingbourne Ducis spend £155 on their weekly food shop. They list their favourite foods as avocado, prawn cocktail and chocolate fudge cake with cream


Japan: The Ukita family from Kodaira City with their £200 weekly food shop


Mongolia: The Batsuuri family of Ulaanbaatar who spend around £25 a week on food


Chad, North Africa: The Aboubakar family from Darfur, Sudan, spend £37 a week on food to feed six people


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Code is great, but is it enough?

Unless you’ve recently travelled to Pluton, you know how Code has taken the web by storm last week. With Zuck, Gates, Dorsey and other internet superstars as ambassadors, we’ve discovered that coding isn’t actually difficult, and if you know how to program a computer, chances are you’re likely to become a rockstar.


Tell me about the American dream.

I’ve never coded – yet I don’t feel dumber than those who know how to do so. But don’t get me wrong, I actually wish the Code initiative had been around in the 90s and it’s been long since I made plans to take classes, so I’m sure the current Code vavavoom will help. Thanks for that leaders and trendsetters.

Now if programming a computer should be taught in school, what about cooking? What about sewing? What about DIY-ing? What about giving first-aid?

These might not teach you how to think and for sure ain’t sexy. But they will teach you life. As in ‘real-life’. You know ? The every-day-kind-of-life.

Only saying…

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Be Brave in 2013

We had to be brave this year. We had to win the elections. Control the wars , save the planet.
Forget the crisis. Stop spreading this ugly C-word. Stop playing good cop bad cop. We may have our differences but know this : People are meant to have trust. It’s time to jump off our internet planet and Kiss on the first date. No matter the outcome. Shout to shout and heal to heal.
Cool caring boys and sweet voiced girls. Sit down and rethink the word change. Bring your friends.
And whisper your favourite stories to each other. It’s happy hour. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short life, is this : never repress anything. I’ve known this people all my life. I know how these people feel. I know how I have to feel : I have to feel brave.

Be Brave in 2013 from Hans Vercauter on Vimeo.

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