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Umair Haque on the Global Economy

The Meaningful Brands study based on 56 global brands across 12 industries released this week by Havas Media highlights that the world’s most valuable companies (such as Apple) rank low on the Meaningful Brands list.

But what does “Meaningful” mean?

What is a “Meaningful brand”?

Do consumers care about brands?

Umair Haque explains why brands need to repair their relationship with consumers and give back, not give more.



Also read this article from the FT.

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7 Shared Traits That Unite Women In Power

According to Fast Company, everyone’s journey is different–and many are not easy. Hard work is the foundation of success, but the people and attitudes you surround yourself with, and the message you pass on to others, all contribute to a culture of female achievement that will take us into the future.

Below are the characteristics that some of the top women across many industries all share:

  • Effective Role Models
  • Hardwork
  • Confidence
  • Support
  • Knowledge
  • Visibility
  • Mentoring

Food for thought.

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10 Lessons on Leadership

Kissmetrics have compiled 10 quotes on Leadership from some of the very best business men and women. Click on the image to enlarge.
Though they’re all very relevant, if I had to choose one of them, just one, it’d have to be: Inspire others. By inspiring others, you will lead by example and therefore… foster teamwork, encourage growth in others, boost employee self-esteem, take care of people, coordinate, aim for a goal, be willing to be misunderstood, understand reality, give hope, and be a good listener.

10 Lessons on Leadership
Source: 10 Lessons on Leadership

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Red Bull Stratos – GoPro video – OMFG!

Jump Jump Jump, here’s the video from Felix Baumgartner’s Go Pro filmed while descending, amazing and breathtaking…!

Enchantment Infographic

Enchantment Infographic


Also, do not hesitate to watch this great video recorded during Guy Kawasaki’s recent speech at Stanford about the “Art of Enchantment”, really great:

50 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs


via @businessinsider

Because women still have to overcome so many obstacles and because Entrepreneurship is always inspiring, here is a tribute to 50 amazing women who have broken through barriers to become successful. From Suze Orman, Catherine Fake or Gina Bianchini to Liz McKinley and Sarah Prevette, scroll through these 50 inspiring stories by clicking here.


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