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SNCF takes Paris pedestrians to other European cities

French Railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA to create the “Europe, it’s Just Next Door” ad campaign that transports pedestrians to other European cities, simply by opening a door.

The brightly colored doors are placed in public areas around Paris and feature the names of European cities. When opened, the interactive experience begins, “plus vraie que nature”.

Nice execution, fun and engaging. Watch the video to find out more:

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What Can Your Business do in 140 characters?

I recently attended a workshop where we were asked to create a company’s elevator pitch in 140 characters.

Who? How? Purpose? Benefits? Uniqueness?

Storytelling in 140 characters. So powerful.

Twitter just released a beautiful video on what a business can do in 140 characters. For more input and advice, check the the Twitter for Business website full of resources.

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Umair Haque on the Global Economy

The Meaningful Brands study based on 56 global brands across 12 industries released this week by Havas Media highlights that the world’s most valuable companies (such as Apple) rank low on the Meaningful Brands list.

But what does “Meaningful” mean?

What is a “Meaningful brand”?

Do consumers care about brands?

Umair Haque explains why brands need to repair their relationship with consumers and give back, not give more.



Also read this article from the FT.

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Sssshhhh…. Apple’s New iPhone Ad

You say it best, when you say nothing at all.. seems to believe Tim Cook whose latest iPhone ad is…


And great.

Will it help Apple re-emerge as a marketing powerhouse? No.  But it’s a beautiful piece of movie with no dialogue and no information about the iPhone 5 features, setting the stage to the fact that every day more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.


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Durex and the Water Balloon

This could have been a clever Durex commercial but it’s in fact a cool personal project by film director Charlotte Rabate

Check it out, it should make you smile and appreciate the quality of the product more 😉

Durex ad long version from Charlotte Rabate on Vimeo.

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David Ogilvy’s Tips on Meeting with Clients or Prospects

These David Ogilvy’s tips are part of the Ogilvy & Mather series of tips by “The Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy.

Though the below ones adapt to the agressive advertising world, my thought is that we can all relate and apply them to any business environment. Right?





TV ad for French water brand, Contrex, around for a while but still too funny not to share it:-)

Red Bull Stratos – GoPro video – OMFG!

Jump Jump Jump, here’s the video from Felix Baumgartner’s Go Pro filmed while descending, amazing and breathtaking…!

The World without Donald Trump, Eike Batista, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Mark Zuckerberg

Great Job by Ogilvy Brazil for Forbes launch in the South American country! Not only did they imagine a campaign where they delivered the first Forbes Brazil edition to PAs of big companies on their list by helicopter (yep!), but they also combined it with a “The World without” print campaign that shows what the world would be if big players such as Zuck, Gates, Branson, Trump and others didn’t exit…

Way to go Forbes Brazil and Ogilvy Brazil, such a good job 🙂

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